Monday, August 20, 2012

Off To Great Places

I can't write tonight. Why, you ask (or most of you don't ask)? Because my little girl enters the first grade tomorrow and I am beside myself. I decided tonight, for our bedtime story, to read the beloved "Oh, The Places You'll Go." A Dr. Seuss classic, right? Yes, unless you are sending your baby girl off into the cruel, heartless, cold (or in the case of Texas, hot) world.

I have made myself ill. It's like when I used to turn on "The Way We Were" after every breakup. The minute Babs wipes the hair off sweet Hubbel's forehead (Yes, I know one name is in character and the other real life. It's how I know them.), I crumble to bits. I've done the same thing here, folks. I am in bits.

So, to all you other parents out there, facing this same heartbreak, join me in a tear-fest. Those of you who haven't been blessed with the genius of Dr. Seuss, that's my challenge for you. Drop whatever vampire or Shades-of-whatever book you are reading and check out The Seuss. Children's books can be life changers.

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