Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tie It On

Once upon a time a rubber band off the newspaper was sufficient when it came to holding a ponytail. You'd tear it off the paper, and pull back your do. Nowadays, only half the population knows what a newspaper is, and people wouldn't dare strap a plain, old rubber band around their fine locks.

With that said, I keep seeing these offers of cool hair ties. I get emails about them, offers on Facebook about "the best deal," and emails from public relations firms telling me what new hair ties are "a must." So, I'm about to make your life super simple. Here are the hair ties we all love and covet. And, these are the least expensive I've seen on the market.

The mom of a friend from Southern Living is selling these hair ties at 10 for $10 (for you math geniuses out there, that's a buck a pop), with $1.95 shipping. Plus, the ends are heat sealed, which means you won't get frayed, messed up suckers (we all hate that sloppiness, right?). That's better than all the deals I've spotted on Facebook and the Internet. Plus, this is an etsy deal, and we all love contributing to etsy, where the independent artist reigns, right?

elastic hair ties sand and sea hair accessories set of 5elastic hair ties neutral set of 7 hair accessorieselastic hair ties summer camp greens and reds set of 6

They come in all colors, from neutrals to shades of blue to even all black. Again, the seller on is gillionmillion and this is the way to go.

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