Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Days Are Here Again!

So... my car broke. $850. We fixed it (or paid to have it fixed) then shelled out another $300 (car done broke again). A few days later, the air conditioning at home quits. Is any of it covered under warranty or insurance? No. So, today, we have committed to buying a new air conditioning unit. My point? All I have done lately is complain and moan about the issues around my house (and state of transportation). I am sick of myself. Thus, I am going to list some things that truly make me happy. In no particular order, so please don't read into that ...

1. A brand, spankin' new lip gloss. Doesn't take Sephora level. I am good with something from CVS or Target or even Walmart. Just a new lip gloss. For the one guy reading this (my poor dad who feels obligated), you can't understand, so don't try.

2. Listening to Bill Cosby talk. He was recently on Jimmy Fallon (who, by the way, makes me super happy) and could have been reading a Sears catalog, still he made me smile. Oddly enough, he doesn't even have to talk. He moves, and I smile or laugh. Hello, Friend, pass the Jello.

3. The color turquoise. I painted my front door (well, okay, I paid someone to paint...) this color. I love it. Jewelry, paint or a lamp, you name it, if it's this color, I am happy.

4. Getting my hair done. Specifically, my roots. Yes, I am a natural blonde.

5. A good book. Okay, so this seems lame in between something like lip gloss and paint and celebrities, but, I am telling the truth. Again, I write this to remind myself I am not always Debbie Downer. A good book is an absolute delight to me. I don't do the fancy kind on the IPad or computer or whatever you kids are selling these days. I buy books, or get them at the library. That's that building where you can check out books ... ah, hell, call me if you don't know what a library is. Point is ... I love words. I love reading a new book, or revisiting an oldie. I love the shelves and the quiet of a library. Mark Childress, Fannie Flagg, Kinky Freedman ... give me a few words from these Southern friends and I am happy.

6. I also love magazine day at home. This is the day that my magazine subscriptions arrive in the mailbox. US Weekly arrives every week, don't judge. Garden & Gun is a literary gem. All the others, with these, are welcomed with open palms. I love me some magazines. IN PRINT. Not on some fancy notepad, by the way. Old school? Yes. Magazines rock.

7. Pink tulips.

8. Justin Timberlake. Stop your judging. I think he's great and he dances well and he's a great actor and he can sing and he's funny. You are making me write in a run-on sentence to defend myself for this, so stop. I love Justin Timberlake. So there.

9. Shoes with a wedge. I like feeling taller than I am. Don't judge unless you are 5"2. Then, bring it.

10. McDonald's Diet Coke. Stop, Health Nuts. I tried. I don't every single day. But, most, I do. I love it and it makes me happy. It's happiness for $1.08. Please lecture me another day. I know if I poured it on my car engine, it would come out clean. But, fact is, many days, my car engine sucks. My Diet Coke doesn't. It's always the same, always $1.08. My car breaks, and my air conditioning won't come on. Let me have this one thing. I know it's killing me, but so is the air and the pesticides, so stop right there.

For you kind readers who actually read this and are now saying to yourself, "That's it?" Well, hold up. Yes, I am so happy with my husband, kids, parents and grandparents. I love Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday, and I am grateful for our health and our home and blah, blah, blah. This wasn't meant to be some deep, soul-searching list. I just realized that all I had been doing was whining and moaning and decided to nip it. And, with that said, Barney Fife makes me happy.

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Dad said...

From the mentioned one guy that reads this blog, I must make a correction. You love shoes with a huge, colossal, gigantic, gargantuan, or put differently as your grandfather would say, elegant wedge. But no matter, I love my 5'2" girl just the way she is...

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