Friday, July 6, 2012

The Gypsy Wagon: Movin' On Up ...

I traveled for a decade in search of the best stores, restaurants, and attractions across the South. One of my absolute favorites, if not THE favorite, is here in my city (promise, no bias), The Gypsy Wagon.

Seriously, people, this is the absolute when it comes to fun, creativity, and originality under one roof. Every time I enter the place, I,
A. leave a little broker than I entered, and
B. am absolutely inspired.

If you've never been to this gem, the brainchild of owners Carley and Johnny Seale, today's the day to get there. Like, now. Any regular priced clothing item is 20% off. Why? Because the beyond-presh Molly, who has been running this place for years and adding her stylish stamp to the place, is moving to Crested Butte, Colorado, where a second Gypsy Wagon is opening. While I am no fan of the chain store, this is one franchise I support. For those of you poor folks not in Texas or Colorado, check out the website where you can shop a sampling of the items in the store. So, stop reading this blog (I'll never say that again) and head to The Gypsy Wagon. Ready, set, go!


Anonymous said...

I would be totally broke if that store was in Idaho!

MC said...

Funny small world! I went to school with Johnny! Awesome. I'll check out the site. Ps. loving your blog. You crack me up. xo

Carol said...

If you like Gypsy, you should check out Terrace Boutique up in Frisco.

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