Sunday, July 15, 2012

Life's a Beach

Growing up, my family went to the beach every single summer. Once I was in high school, I went every July with my best girlfriends (girls, you better be reading).

Having just gotten back from vacation, I see so many differences between the way I used to do the beach, versus the way I handle it today. Drumroll, please. Here's my list of the top 9 differences (thanks to Dave Letterman, 10 seemed too predictable):

1. I never used SPF. Instead, it was oil, and foil. The more burnt the skin by the end of the day, the greater success. Now I lather that stuff on even if I am just headed to the grocery store.

2. A trip to Mexico from South Padre meant super cheap silver earrings and ceramics. Today, a trip to Mexico from the Texas beaches means you are kidnapped, sold into slavery, and you'll never see the Lone Star State (or anywhere else of desire) again. Forget across-the-border bargains. I'll find silver earrings at T. J. Maxx.
3. The beach once meant closing down the bars in town and sleeping until noon, when the sun was at its peak. Now, I get to bed early so I can hit the beach at sunrise to help my kids find shells and other treasures. Then, when the sun is blaring, I head inside to rest and read.
4. A teeeny bikini used to be all I needed. Now? A one-piece that covers as much as possible (all the way to the knees if possible), a Mrs. Roper-inspired cover-up,  and a huge hat.

5. I used to cover my hair in lemon juice to get the blond to go even blonder. Today, I pay for my natural highlights (shut up) and want to protect my investment. The hair, like the skin, is covered. And the lemon juice is saved for the water, that I drink ALL day to keep hydrated in fear of over-heating.
6. I used to get in the ocean and really enjoy jumping in the waves. The last thing I want to do is touch the ocean, unless it's with one or two toes. I've seen the news and know what a shark can do (Jaws, anyone?). No, but thanks.

7. Parasailing. Yes, I once strapped on a harness, with my best friend, and went flying in the air attached to a speeding boat. It was scary, but exciting and so fun. Now I am a mom and my kids need me alive. I don't see a parachute and a speeding boat in my future.

8. For so many years I would party all day and night, then go to bed (in the wee hours) with my makeup on and contacts in my eyes. Now, contacts out. Makeup washed off. Teeth brushed. Moisturizer and eye cream on. Seriously, I am not getting any younger and the beauty regimen just can't be skipped.
9. Then, I took a towel to the beach. That's probably about it. Now, I need a U-Haul to make it for the day. I need: diapers, swimming diapers, hats, towels, wipes, juice boxes, shovels, pails, snacks, sunscreen for the kids, chairs, a canopy to set up, sunscreen for me, bug spray, water, an extra change of clothes, a camera, a phone, and a book. And, that's just half of the list.

Now, your turn. Are your vacations different than they used to be?

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