Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And They Call It Puppet Love

I watch The Bachelorette. There I said it. Go ahead and judge, but listen up, if you don't watch, you are missing out on some damn fine comedy. Last night, the oh-so-adorable Emily went on a date with the not-out-of-the-closet-but-is-totally-gay Jef (with one F) and they put on a puppet show. Using marionettes. For themselves. With no children anywhere near. This was how Jef told Emily of his love for her. Through the voice of a puppet on a string.


This is top-dollar comedy, folks. The kind I couldn't make up even if I tried.

In other news, Paris Hilton was a deejay at a party last night and got booed (shocker), Charlie Sheen says rehab just isn't for him (double shocker), and Teri Hatcher got a haircut (who cares). It just might be time I stop relying on US Weekly and People Magazine for my daily news.


Amy Bickers said...

The puppet show went on so long, it was starting to feel like a therapy session. Show me on the doll where the bachelor with one F touched you!
Last night was excellent. Crazy, crying guy should have gotten the boot. Sean yelling for Emily while searching the streets was unbelievably lame. I was waiting for someone to yell at him to shut the hell up. Do they not do that in foreign countries?
Arie needs to make out with me.

Jen Mckenzie Frazier said...

I just think it's hilarious when a 6-year-old, who was watching the Bachelorette with me (I know, bad parenting), says, "What are they doing with those puppets?" Her look said, "You are adults and acting like absolute fools. Idiots." Actually, that would make a great reality show. Kids watching adult tv and commenting about what fools the adults are. You in?

And, I loved watching Sean run screaming. I kept yelling "Stella!" and cracking up to myself.

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