Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Loveliest Lip

Listen up all you ladies (or fellas who appreciate a shiny lip): there's a new beauty line that's changed my life. Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic (who, me?). But, I am pretty darn thrilled about it.

When I got the information about it, I sort of scoffed (rolled my eyes to be exact). It's all natural, which, to me usually means it smells like Patchouli and tastes like a mixture of dirt and grass. They even claim it's safe to eat. Ugh, annoying. Why would I want to eat my lip gloss? Fact is, you'll never see me buying lip gloss or any sort of makeup at Whole Foods or anyplace with the words "co-op" in the title. I buy some foods organic, mainly for the health of my family, but when it comes to makeup, oh, and diapers, I am no tree hugger. This natural product might have me reformed.

Super-shiny and thick enough that one coat works without having to blot on a napkin (girls, you know what I mean), it's just the perfect consistency. And the 10 different colors are absolutely beautiful. I am ga-ga over the Beet and Raspberry hues. (Oh, Bite also does lipsticks, lip pencils, and even rouge, but it's the gloss I covet.) It's $20 a pop at Sephora. Try it. If you aren't sold, return it and write me a scalding note. I can take it. And, it's that good.


Libby Balsiger said...

Love this!

Marlene Does Hair said...

I will darn well give it a whirl!

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