Thursday, July 19, 2012

Check It Out: Dolan Geiman

I first discovered his work in Tennessee, when I was covering a story for Southern Living Magazine. I then caught up with him again in Alabama, where I lived for 10 years. When my husband I moved back to our hometown in Texas, I went and saw his work in Fort Worth and then again in Richardson. Am I a stalker? No. Well, not really. If I am, my husband is, too. His art covers our walls.

I'm no art aficionado, but I do know what I like. And one artist who consistently puts out creative and interesting works is Dolan Geiman. He's a super nice guy (only makes it easier because who wants to buy art from a jerk) who also happens to be beyond talented. And, I mean, beyond. Each piece he creates is a conversation piece - that's the best kind in my book.

So you need to check him out. And, even better, he's holding his eEtsy Christmas in July sale offering 25% off all paper prints, DG minis, select original mixed media, and select box print reproductions. Additional works are marked 50% off.

There's also a Pinterest contest for all you pinning addicts.

And, as an aside, I got my Uncommon Goods catalog today. Yep. He's in it. And, he's slated to be in Anthropologie soon (if not already). You've heard of that one, right? In other words, snag this stuff ASAP. He's great and your walls will love you for it.

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Dolan & Ali Marie Geiman said...

Hi Jen!!

Thanks so much for blogging about Dolan's artwork! I hope our paths cross again sometime soon - and we love seeing Dolan's artwork hanging up in people's homes, so do be sure to let us know if you'd ever like to share some snapshots!

Be well!
Dolan & Ali Marie

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