Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Daily Dose of Happy

I spent 10 years in Birmingham, AL and returned to Texas about 5 years ago. While in the sweet 'Ham, I made the dearest of friends. One of these folks is my buddy, Christopher Davis. He was the illustrator and designer for Southern Living Magazine at the same time I was a travel writer.

Let me tell you about this fella. First of all, and perhaps the most important, you will NEVER meet a nicer, more kind-hearted individual. In all the years I have known him and worked with him, I've never seen him be anything, but cheerful. Which makes sense, considering he spends part of his life as an improv comedian for Extemporaneous Theatre Company and Ugly Baby Improv, as well as hosts Fresh Ground Comics, a monthly stand-up comedy show. So, yes, he's also funny. Like, super funny.

He's also an insanely talented artist. His big draw is Drawdog. He does custom portraits of your pet (it doesn't have to be a dog), adorable platapus sculptures and drawings of nature. He can draw and paint and sculpt anything.


I am not the only one who finds him insanely talented. He's got a following. Like, lots of people absolutely dig everything he does, be it drawing a pet or making you laugh. He was recently the speaker at TED Talk. Ummm, BIG DEAL.

Chris does TED Talk

I spoke with Christopher recently and told him of some family health struggles and told him it's been rough going lately. Soon after, I received a package in the mail. It was like being sent sunshine, rainbows, Diet Coke and a new pair of shoes (with a high wedge) -- in a manilla envelope (that was decorated, too).

In other words, it was like getting a pile of HAPPY (unlike the usual bills, catalogs and credit card offers the mail usually delivers).

These amazing little happy faces hang in my kitchen, across from the sink, where I sadly spend a lot of my time. Every single time I look at them, multiple times per day, I am reminded that there this a lot to be happy about in life. Including great friends, even if they are far away.


Jennifer said...

Love the happy faces! And I love Chris! He made us the sweetest little platypus (getting married!), and I smile every time I see them in my house, too.

Jen Mckenzie Frazier said...

Jen D... You got a picture of the amazing platypus? I couldn't find an image and would love for folks to see!

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