Monday, August 13, 2012

Accessory Deal Reveal (Plus 10% off!)

A concierge. It's the person who makes your life easier. Want to see the latest Broadway play while on vacation in New York, but can't score tickets? Ask the concierge. Dying to try the veal at the most-talked-about restaurant? Can't get reservations. Well, ask your concierge. Your kid has to meet the princess at the amusement park, but the princess program is sold out? Yep, head to the concierge. Same goes here, my friends.

My friend Amy Claro (forget we are even friends because I'd write this even if she was crap) has recently launched a new business, Accessory Concierge. It does the same thing a concierge in a hotel does, makes your life easier and more enjoyable, and in and this case, more stylish. Here's how it works ...

"Like" the Accessory Concierge page on Facebook.

Then, come Wednesday night, every Wednesday night, you'll be a part of the coolest event of the week. The AC Jewelry Auction.

The clock strikes 8 p.m. CST and cool necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings appear for bid. They've got 6 rings in one style, you got 6 chances to win. You write "sold" on the comment line with your email address. (And for you peeps out of Texas, write OOT so you don't pay taxes.) The next day you'll get a PayPal invoice in your email box. Pay it, which completes your order, and next thing you know, your style goodies arrive in the mail. It's super easy. Even a dummy, like me, can get it.

Chevron prints. Neon. Friendship bracelets. Hermes-look-alike bracelets. Monogrammed necklaces. Dainty chains and chunky bracelets. It's all available, for a mere fraction of the price. Trust me. I scored a sideways cross necklace from the AC auction for about $30. Prior to that, about a year ago, I bought one for myself and spent $75. It looks the same. The. Exact. Same.

To add to the Accessory Concierge coolness, they have recently launched a line of candy-inspired jewels. Think a hearty necklaces that look like Spree candies. Called the Accessory Concierge Candy Store, it's all bright and makes a statement. Seriously, I die.

As an added bonus, this week if you add "TJS" (stands for The Jen Source) on your purchase bid, you'll get an extra 10% off. Score! So, mark this on your calendar. You've got about 48 hours to get your fashion on. Thank me later.

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